Sunday, May 23, 2010

ESL Vocabulary Game Arcade - from ManyThings

The following links come from a wonderful website for learning ESL. It is

There, you'll find a lot of activities to help you with grammar, reading, listening, and pronunciation.

This link is for vocabulary. It's enjoyable because it's in the form of games for matching, jigsaw, and speed spelling.

Try these homonym games:
jigsaw game for homonyms #1
jigsaw game for homonyms #2
jigsaw game for homonyms #3

In the next game, you're going to work with adjectives and opposites.

jigsaw game for adjective opposites

A matching game for present tense/past tense Click "Start" to play.

A quick spell game for irregular plurals Click "Start" to play.

hint: the plural of "ox" is "oxen".

Here is the index for all the games:

Vocabulary Games

Spelling Game:

1. Your homework is not only very good, it's ____________ .

2. I'm smart but my brother is more _______________ than me.

3. In the 1960s, the Beatles were very ________________ .

4. In this class, a pencil and notebook are _________________ .

5. You should put very _______________ papers in a safe place.

6. A: Here is your coffee and your toast. B: ______________ .

Enjoy yourself, but remember, games are somewhat addictive, so
take some time away from the arcade if you feel like you're getting
too involved.

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