Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Business Idioms Quiz


WELCOME. Many new learners of English find that after completing their courses in school, they are still a little confused when they enter the world of business and jobs. They hear phrases like "That guy is really out to lunch." Does that mean the person is eating lunch? No. It means the person behaves inappropriately. So naturally, new English speakers are a little bewildered. Here is a quiz featuring ten common phrases or words used in conversations at work. Check them out.

From the four choices, can you select the meaning of the idiom?

1. I have a lot on my plate right now. This means " _____________________ ."
a: I have a lot of things to do
b: There's too much food on my plate
c: The dishes are piling up in the sink
d: My name is too long for the metal sign on the door

2. That's a no-brainer. This means "________________ ."
a: That person doesn't have much intelligence
b: That person has a very good mind
c: That's very easy to understand
d: That's an issue we really have to think carefully about

3. We're talking about apples and oranges here. This means, "___________________."
a: We're talking about fruit
b: We're comparing citrus fruit with another type of fruit
c: We're talking about things that cannot be compared
d: We're talking about things that too many people are eating every day

4. We certainly jumped the gun when we changed offices. This means "________________."
a: We prevented a robber from entering our offices
b: We made the decision to change offices too quickly without careful thought
c: We found a gun in the new office that had been left behind by a previous renter
d: Changing to the new office made us very nervous

5. The boss has been keeping his recent hiring decisions under wraps. This means "________________________ ."
a: The boss is about to reveal who he is going to hire
b: The boss has decided to give hiring responsibility to the board of directors
c: The boss has decided he doesn't want to hire any new employees
d: The boss has been keeping his new hiring decisions secret

6. My gut tells me we need to change the way we're selling this product. This means "___________________."
a: I have a strong intuitive feeling that our current way of selling the product isn't working
b: The current product is represented to taste differently than we're saying it tastes in our advertising.
c: The product will make people sick as it has made me sick
d: We need to sell the product much more aggressively than we're currently selling it

7. The journalist was given the green light to write the article exposing government corruption. This means, "_____________________."
a: The journalist was given permission to write the article
b: The journalist was given the opportunity to present his ideas to the staff in a meeting
c: The journalist was told to stop writing the article about government corruption
d: The journalist was told to wait until the light turns yellow

8. It's the supervisor's fault production is too slow, but he's trying to pass the buck. This means, "____________________."
a: The supervisor is raising workers' pay so they'll work faster
b: The supervisor is trying to blame someone else for the slowness of the production
c: The supervisor isn't supervising production because he's gambling with the company's profits

9. We couldn't get our product off the ground. This means, "_____________."
a: The product was too heavy to load in the trucks
b: We couldn't start working on the development of the product
c: The product simply didn't sell very well
d: We weren't able to ship the product from the warehouse because our trucks weren't available

10. We ordered materials from X Company, but they gave us a raw deal. This means that _____________ .
a: the materials we ordered were poor quality
b: the materials we ordered were brand new
c: the materials we ordered unfinished
d: the materials we ordered were much cheaper than we thought they were going to be